Fanoos QuickBooks Level 1 - OnDemand (Inside Training)
Learn to use QuickBooks the RIGHT way with CONFIDENCE! OnDemand version of the most popular QuickBooks class in the world! Start off right, or if you’re experienced, learn to get even more from QuickBooks. Follow your instructor step by step at your own pace. You can watch the instructor step by step, pause the training, and practice what you learn. Eligible for Certification!

What You'll Learn
Set up your company
Everyday Transactions
Special Transactions
Understand Accounting
Work with Reports
Advanced Features
Tips & Tricks
Tricky Transactions

Fanoos QuickBooks Level 2 - OnDemand (AFN 30,000 | 10 Sets)
A must have…if you’ve mastered the basics
Begins where the 2 day (Level 1) class ends. Covers 2 full days of classroom training!
Discover the secrets to tricky transactions and building reports
Learn “workarounds” to complex (but common) transactions, and unlock the information you need
on QuickBooks reports.
What You'll Learn
Customizing QuickBooks (make QuickBooks REALLY work for you!)
Sales Transactions, Tricks, and Workarounds
Purchase Transactions, Tricks, and Workarounds
Items & Inventory
Advanced Tricks
Completing Set Up
Payroll Transactions, Tricks, and Workarounds
Mastering QuickBooks Reporting
Unlocking the Power of QuickBooks
Importing and Exporting
Secrets Your Accountant Should Know

Fanoos QuickBooks for Accountants Level 1 – OnDemand (Inside Training)
Learn how clients SHOULD use QuickBooks. Understand the basics from your client’s perspective (so you can answer their questions). Learn special tools that help you support QuickBooks clients. Access the QuickBooks knowledge you need when you need it. You can watch the instructor step by step, pause the training, and practice what you learn. Watch 5 hours or just the 5 minutes you need to answer a question. Eligible for Certification!
What You'll Learn
Getting Started
Everyday Client Transactions
Special Transactions
Tips & Tricks
Financial Statements
Special Features for Accountants & Bookkeepers
Work with Reports
Advanced Features
Tips & Tricks
Tricky Transactions
Special Features for Accountants & Bookkeepers

Fanoos Accounting Basics for QuickBooks – OnDemand (Inside Training) 
Basic accounting knowledge makes QuickBooks easier. You’ll be more efficient and confident AND you’ll uncover useful information hidden in your reports.  Learn the accounting “secrets” behind the scenes. First you learn an accounting principle or concept then you see how it works in QuickBooks. Accounting 101 for the REAL WORLD!
What You'll Learn
Accounting Basics
Accounting Principles
Accounting Basics in QuickBooks
Reviewing Numbers for Accuracy
Analyzing and Interpreting Data
The Accounting Cycle (who does what and when?)
Working with Your Accountant
More Accounting

Fanoos Excel & Word for QB Users – Inside Training

Excel & Word training designed just for QuickBooks users. Master Excel and Word skills to be even more productive with QuickBooks!

  • Comprehensive training.


Get better reports and save time. Discover how to get even more from the information stored in QuickBooks. Unleash the power of Excel and Word. A tool is only powerful if you know how to use it. Learn to use Excel and Word to become more efficient, productive, and confident!

Excel’s Contents

  1. The Basics
  2. Working with Excel & QuickBooks Together
  3. Formatting in Excel
  4. Calculations and Formulas
  5. Summarizing and Analyzing Data in Excel
  6. Real World Applications
  7. Customizing Excel
  8. Shortcuts and Saving Time

Word’s Contents

  1. The Basics
  2. Working with Word and QuickBooks Together
  3. Word Techniques
  4. Formatting in Word
  5. Working with Document Objects in Word
  6. Customizing Word
  7. Shortcuts and Saving Time

This course is perfectly suited for:

Everyone can participate in this perfect training but we highly recommend it for:

  • QuickBooks users who want to get more out the software
  • Users who want to integrate QuickBooks with Excel
  • People who want to create letters and other Word documents using QuickBooks

Mastering QuickBooks for Construction (AFN 25,000 | 10 Sets)

Accounting for the construction industry is challenging. Not anymore! Learn to use QuickBooks to meet your unique needs. A must-have for construction and contractors! If you’re brand new to QuickBooks we recommend you also do the Mastering QuickBooks Level 1 class.

  • Comprehensive training.


Accounting for contractors is DIFFERENT, even experienced QuickBooks users struggle to record contractor specific transactions and run the right reports. Learn the tricks that make QuickBooks work for you. Customize QuickBooks to work for you with insider tips and tricks from QuickBooks experts in the construction industry. If you’re new to QuickBooks we recommend starting with Mastering QuickBooks Level 1. Please note: This class requires a solid foundation in QuickBooks. If you're not an experienced QuickBooks user, we recommend you attend the Mastering QuickBooks Level 1 class first.

What You'll Learn

  1. Getting Started with QuickBooks
  2. Job Costing
  3. Estimating and Invoicing
  4. Sales Transactions, Tricks, and Workarounds
  5. Purchase Transactions, Tricks, and Workarounds
  6. Payroll Transactions, Tricks, and Workarounds
  7. Mastering QuickBooks Reporting
  8. Reports for Job Cost
  9. Customizing QuickBooks (make QuickBooks REALLY work for you!)
  10. Unlocking the Power of QuickBooks
  11. Importing and Exporting
  12. Secrets Your Accountant Should Know

This course is perfectly suited for:

  • Novice or intermediate users of QuickBooks who want to learn about industry specific solutions
  • Contractor bookkeeper
  • Construction company office manager, Engineers, Project Manager, Estimation Officer
Anyone who wants to discover the powerful job costing and estimating features in QuickBooks

Fanoos QuickBooks for Nonprofits - OnDemand (Inside Training)
Accounting for Nonprofits is DIFFERENT! Save time and frustration trying to make QuickBooks work for your organization. Learn the secrets you must know.  “Get the information you need.” Whether you’re a charity, government agency, membership organization, or house of worship, there always seems to be someone who needs a specific report. Learn how to get it for them.
What You'll Learn
The Basics
Tracking Income
Tracking Expenses
Standard Reports for Nonprofits
Customizing QuickBooks
Advanced Budgeting
Membership Organizations
In-Kind Contributions
Matching Grants
Capital Campaigns
Special Events
Direct Mail Pieces (fundraising letters)
Fiscal Sponsorships
Tracking Donors/Volunteers
Houses of Worship
Tracking Funds
Advanced Features
Tricky Transactions

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How We Help

Whether you’re new to QuickBooks or upgrading your file, we can customize a services plan specifically for your business. Our team of U.S. based QuickBooks certified ProAdvisors has experience working with companies in many industries with all versions of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Online, Pro, Premier, Accountant Edition, and QuickBooks Enterprise.

Business Process
We will analyze your current processes – what is done in QuickBooks and other systems and design a workflow.
QuickBooks File Review & Clean Up
Our certified QuickBooks expert will review & clean up your chart of accounts, lists, items, accounts receivable, templates, inventory & more.
QuickBooks Implementation
Single user QuickBooks installs to complex multi-user, hosted enterprise
Full set up, clean up, adjustments, entering or importing products, & entering
CFO Analysis
Get valuable insight into your company’s business processes and financial
performance from an experienced CFO.
QuickBooks Apps
Extend QuickBooks with product add-ons for CRM, Field Service Management,
Inventory, Time Tracking & more.
QuickBooks Data Conversion
We will convert your existing accounting data to QuickBooks from other systems
& databases.
Custom QuickBooks Reports
Make more informed business decisions with key QuickBooks reports, graphs
and dashboards.
QuickBooks Support & Training
Technical support, troubleshooting, and instructor-led end user training available
remotely or on-site.
Quickbooks System Design
With thousands of successful QuickBooks system deployments (onsite or cloud),
no job is too small or complex for our experts.
QuickBooks Enterprise Services
QuickBooks Financial isn’t just for small businesses; we make it work for mid to
large enterprises as well.
QuickBooks System Re-Design
We can help re-design your file so that it is optimized and fits your current
business processes.
Our Proven Process
Our 4 step consulting process model is designed to keep everyone engaged and on track.

Step 1: Discovery
Every business is unique. Our team will spend time getting to know your unique goals, processes, and time frames; then research a solution that best meets your needs.

Step 2: Consultation
Our experts will review your processes for efficiency and accuracy, we’ll then make product and workflow recommendations that we feel will benefit your bottom line.

Step 3: Execution
We’ll work alongside your team to complete the project on schedule and in budget. You’ll receive weekly milestone reports and we’ll have frequent progress calls.

Step 4: Maintenance
We’ll put a plan in place to help you meet long term goals, and a communication schedule to ensure you’re making the most of your new system.


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Industry Experts
Over one million businesses in the U.S. rely on QuickBooks for their accounting functions. Fanoos’s consultants have worked with to help businesses within virtually every industry convert to Quickbooks, and have the experience to performing QuickBooks Data Conversions that allow you to take advantage of QuickBooks Enterprise’s custom solutions:

> Accounting
> Agriculture
> Construction
> Distribution
> Education
> Engineering
> Financial Services
> Government
> Healthcare / Medical
> Information Technology
> Insurance
> Legal
> Manufacturing
> Nonprofit
> Professional Services
> Real Estate
> Retail/Hospitality
> Telecommunications

#1 Intuit Premier Reseller Partner

Get preferred pricing on all Intuit QuickBooks products and solutions.
Fanoos is one of the country’s top Intuit Premier Resellers and Consulting Firms and has been awarded Intuit’s prestigious Premier Reseller of the Year every year since 2010. Fanoos has performed thousands of client engagements across several industries with very strong expertise around QuickBooks implementation, integration and business processes.

“Fanoos’s broad expertise in all of Intuit’s products gives them the ability to provide exceptional service to QuickBooks’ users. As an Intuit Premier Reseller, we count on solutions Fanoos provides to small- and mid-sized businesses all over the country. They are an important part of Intuit’s Reseller channel.”

-Mohammad Aman Ahmadi, Intuit Reseller Program Sales Leader


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