QuickBooks Advanced Practical Training Ever Before!

This course covers all your accounting practices needs and skills, we focus on transactions analysis and data entry skills based on the four type of businesses activities such services businesses, commercial businesses, manufacturing businesses and NGO.

a) In the Services Companies we will focus on following activities:

1. Create and Managing financial proposal in QuickBooks.

2. Invoicing and Progress Invoicing Based on the financial proposal.

3. Managing Retention and BRT deduction on Invoices forms.

4. Vendors Taxes, Rental Taxes and Wages Taxes Recording and Reporting


b) In the Commercial businesses despite of the above activities, we focus more and more on the inventory activities such as:

1. Purchasing inventories Items

2. Recording Custom Taxes

3. Recording Custom Commissions

4. Recording Cargo and Transportation Cost

5. Recording other related cost

6. Assigning all the above cost on purchased inventory items.

7. Purchase Returns and Discounts

8. Damaged Inventory write off.

9. Quotation and Invoicing

10. Sales and Sales Refund & Credits.

11. Pricing and Sales Policies

12. Sales Commission and Targeting Tasks.

c) In the Manufacturing Businesses despite of all above activities, we will strongly focus on the raw materials used to produce the new products this will be:

1. Inventory Assembles and Costing for finished goods

2. Assigning raw materials to inventory assembly.

2. Assigning labors and workers cost to inventory assembly.